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If you ski, you will ski at a much higher level of performance. If you do not, you can learn in only one hour.

Latest Review 160  full rocker 6/10/17:

Good morning Adrian. Thanks for spending  last Saturday with me. I love your skis! First pair of reverse camber skis (out of 2 dozen I have demo'd) that don't chatter and make me ski out of control slowing me down by 20mph to be barely in control. I have been an Ambassador for your skis showing them to a lot of friends at work that I ski with. Stirred up a little interest.

Best regards, Dave Moore...

The Perfect Skis


The secret: The patented full flex riser allows the skier to effortlessly bend the ski and tip it to the desired turn radius  and the FloSkis follow that turn radius. This is much like the rocker of a figure skate or the trucks of a roller skate.

See just how easy these skis can be controlled! See Videos below and on other pages

Learn to ski in one hour or one day:

This is only part of what our customers said last season:

From:     George Favaloro <>
    Subject:     My recommendation
    To:     Adrian Floreani <>


I'm 56 years old and love skiing the steep and narrow. To do that well requires great control, correct body position, and strong technique.  But, even with lots of coaching and and hard work, I have to say, it had never really come together for me.  I'm a good skier but my weight was often back and my turns were sketchy enough were my upper body was often out of position.  This all changed for me when I put on Floskis.  When I started down the trail, I could immediately feel the smooth control the skis provide.  When I got to the steep bumps, I was turning as I always wanted..smooth, rhythmic, and in control. It's thrilling to be 56 and ski better than you ever have before.  These skies did that for me. I could not explain to you why they are so good although from looking at the ski and how it's constructed, it's clear they have done a lot of work and "outside the box" thinking to engineer this skiing experience.  All I can say is it was the best and most fun downhill skiing I've ever done.  They were awesome for groomers too...smooth as silk. Of course I bought a pair.  I recommend these skis highly.

Hi Adrian,

You can update my review with the following:
Now that I have about 20 ski days on my Floskis, I have to update my review.  After 30 years of skiing I got my floskis and I finally feel like I'm skiing well...better than ever before and I'm 57!  See this video and judge for yourself. It shows me before my Floskis and after. 

There are a number of things that are innovative about the ski including the vibration dampening, the shape, and the tails, which all make the ski great. However, the thing that makes them really work for me is the way the bindings are mounted.  It means you are flexing the skis from the center point of your foot (under the arch).  In a standard set up, when you are leaning forward your flex point is in front of your toe where you have much less leverage.  Having it under the middle of your foot means you just lean forward the slightest bit and the flex of the ski is engaged so you can turn effortlessly. There is no other ski like it. It's so natural, so easy to control, and so so so fun to ski!  My passion for downhill skiing has grown enormously because of these skis.

Special tip: demo your Floskis in Aspen and ski with Jas.  Jas is the Floski rep and he usually is at Aspen Highlands.  If you are lucky, he will give you some ski coaching as he did with me.  He really knows what he is talking about.


Brian Matthews:

I very much enjoy their multifaceted abilities. They really shine for me on high speed carving on groomers. I cannot say enough here, seriously.  They corner and transfer energy so well! I really became enamored with fresh corduroy this season. I felt like I was on rails at times! They defiantly held a nice edge on icy surfaces, skiing surprisingly well in Vermont and New Hampshire, while floating nicely during some amazing powder at Keystone!
The skis look pretty cool, and I got a lot of attention on the lift, especially about the dampeners.

Thank you for the extraordinary experience that skiing on your Floskis gave us all. We had a first time skier take to the slopes with almost effortless ease. She was skiing the blues by lunch, and after an overnight foot of new snow, she shocked the heck out of us by skiing powder! I've been teaching new skiers for over 25 years and I have never seen anyone take to the slopes, and especially powder, as easily as she did. I've never had any ski hold an edge as well or as easily as yours. And nothing, nothing I've ever skied cuts through the chopped up end of day crud like the Floskis. Wow. They make skiing soooo much easier. I am very, very impressed.
Lee:  I have never been on a ski that carved as well on groomers, made fast turns in the moguls, and handled powder and crud with equal ease. With other skis, when the conditions changed, one was well aware of the changes. But with FlosSkis, the skis slice through all conditions so easily that if I were to close my eyes, I would not be able to tell when conditions changed! But the best part was the way they handled the most difficult of snow conditions: breakable or crusted powder. I just had to sit a bit back on the ski and it would slice through the crust like a knife through butter, and then float on the powder. I have never been able to effectively ski breakable powder until today on


I would say your Skis are -- outstanding-- there is no other Ski worldwide that has this kind of performance.
Any skier that buys this will have a complete new Ski that performs better then anything that is on the market until now.

All the different colours and  shapes in the Ski Market show clearly that new ideas in ski industry are missing.

Your Skis  are totally new in many ways:

1 positions of the binding

2 special lifter plate that enables even slow skiers to bend the ski = at tip and tale --- with little effort so it turns easy in any snow.

3 tail that is bent up so it doesn't hook in turns even when it's steep or soft.

4 high elevation by Lifter-plates under the boots enables an easy edge set even when it's icy - without much strength.

5 FLO 's dampener shock that keeps a short ski steady at slow or higher speed.

Your Skis are amazingly easy to use. 





 Features No Other Skis Have:

Liquid FloShock provides vibration absorption and stabilization:The smoothest most stable performance allowing much shorter ski lengths making skiing much easier and safer from knee injuries

Full Flex Riser. Most efficient powerful carve and grip of any skis.

Solid Bamboo Core & Carbon Fiber : Highest  stored  and return energy skis and boards available. Big pop with no flop.

Custom personal binding adjustments for any size boot with cant and ramp angle adjustments as well as 16 mm  of toe position adjustment for hard snow to deep powder.


Our skis by design, will greatly improve any skier's performance in any conditions, on any terrain because they are much more efficient They reduce stresses to the legs and knees, and vastly diminish the risk of ACL injury. The design and technology gives skiers much greater control and endurance than conventional gear. And it shortens the learning curve, allowing skiers to progress to higher technical skiing more quickly than other equipment.