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153 All Mountain Skis for 130 lb to 200 lb any type skier any terrain.
163 Big Boy All Mountain Skis for agressive skiers over 165 lb
150 All Mountain Carving Skis for performance skiers over 150lb.
125 All Mountain for all skier types for the most control with the least effort.
149 cm -163 cm All Terrain Snowboards
Learn to ski in less than1 hr
Ski Dancing
Patented Full Flex Riser
Add Flo Shocks to any skis or board to stop bounce and chatter
Soup Up Your Skis and Boards with the shock and full flex risers.
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Reduce ACL injuries
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IMMEDIATELY SKI AND RIDE AT A HIGHER LEVEL with less energy and stress to your knees and back.  GUARANTEE!
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This is only part of what our customers said last season:
Jud:  I demoed these skis at Heavenly Valley. I can't believe the amount of edge grip they have on the hard snow. They were so smooth in all the bumpy snow. They cut through all the heavy snow we have (sierra cement) with little or no resistance. Best of all my knees didn't hurt. I felt like I was skiing 30 years younger.   Amazing!
Tom: Thank you for the extraordinary experience that skiing on your Floskis gave us all. We had a first time skier take to the slopes with almost effortless ease. She was skiing the blues by lunch, and after an overnight foot of new snow, she shocked the heck out of us by skiing powder! I've been teaching new skiers for over 25 years and I have never seen anyone take to the slopes, and especially powder, as easily as she did. I've never had any ski hold an edge as well or as easily as yours. And nothing, nothing I've ever skied cuts through the chopped up end of day crud like the Floskis. Wow. They make skiing soooo much easier. I am very, very impressed.
Paterakis:  I never realized skiing can be fun and easy with achievable goal setting results at all levels of the mountain terrain. At 56 years of age, concerns and fear of joints, knees, durability, ability, stability, fatigue, quickness, etc. change to when we skied younger. The Flo skis transformation enhanced my abilities back to expert style skiing with challenge and entertainment.  I felt no shock even when skiing the back Bowls of Vail in powered mogul conditions at the top of the 3,000' vert off Blue Sky Basin.  I was able to relive the freedom of zipping down the mountain conquering epically steep chutes, jumps, and trees with comfort and confidence with approachable challenges. Flo Ski is truly the All mountain performer for all weather conditions and terrain. I plan to purchase two skies for my wife and I with no hesitation.
Shawn: These skis are remarkable.  The first day I was in Vail I rented high end demo skis and didn't like them that much.  After switching the next day to Floskis I felt an immediate difference in the ease of maneuvering and also on the vibration in my knees during high speeds.  I have been a skier for many years and have tried all sorts of varieties of skis.  I have to say FloSkis were a joy to ride on and made the trip easier on my knees than usual, particularly on moguls.
Ryan:  The skis are versatile in every condition-powder, moguls, and for speed.  They carved exceptionally well on the slope and while I usually like going straight down the mountain, these skis made turning fun.
Tonamy:   I was very impressed with how much my confidence and ability increased after using them for just one day.  They were much easier on my knees and, as a previous figure skater, I found their maneuverability similar and thus more familiar to me.  My family was shocked to see how much I improved with my skiing ability with Flo Skis and wow I had such a fun time using them, especially in the moguls!  For the first time, I actually found moguls FUN and pretty easy! 
Gregg:  Literally within one hour I was skiing black diamond slopes better than I ever had. Hard to describe, but the feel of skiing on the Floskis is simply more fun than regular skis. 
Cindy:   I have been taking lessons for 8 years. I was a fairly solid blue skier, with a strong dislike of moguls. After one day on your skis I enjoyed two black runs and some blue moguls! Somehow the movements and turns just happen more smoothly. I also didn't get the nagging knee and hip pain I often get.
Lee:  I have never been on a ski that carved as well on groomers, made fast turns in the moguls, and handled powder and crud with equal ease. With other skis, when the conditions changed, one was well aware of the changes. But with FlosSkis, the skis slice through all conditions so easily that if I were to close my eyes, I would not be able to tell when conditions changed! But the best part was the way they handled the most difficult of snow conditions: breakable or crusted powder. I just had to sit a bit back on the ski and it would slice through the crust like a knife through butter, and then float on the powder. I have never been able to effectively ski breakable powder until today on FloSkis.
Vicki:   I've been having issues in my K2 Free Love skis.  I'm just getting thrown around on them instead of cutting through the crud and loose snow.  Not fun!  But the 125 Flo Skis carry me through anything and everything that I love to ski (including the stuff that used to toss me around if it wasn't freshly groomed).  I feel so solid now on runs that I used to avoid - the skis don't chatter and I'm so much more confident. I have had such good results with the 125's that my skiing has improved a lot - according to friends with whom I ski.  And I consider the investment in these skis the means to avoid an injury - which would obviously be a lot more money - and interrupt my fun.
Chris:    I have only skied about 10 days in my life up to now so at best I am an intermediate skier.  As a retired NFL player, I do have some God given talents but I was completely unable to ski the un-groomed back bowls and was certainly unable to ski bumps.  Your skis have without a doubt taken me from an intermediate to an advanced intermediate skier in a couple days.  I was amazed at how easy they turn and glide.  They just make skiing that much more FUN and enabled me to get into terrain that I thought would take many more years to get into. 
 Debbee : I AM IN LOVE WITH MY SKIS!! I have never skid better, Bruce is also enjoying his skis, especially after I did a direct parallel lesson on him the other day.
John: I now have 3 sets of floskis- all different, and all vastly superior to any other skis I have ever had. They are so pure and solid in the turn and so responsive to all the adjustments you can make with hips, knees and shoulders! They will revolutionize skiing.
Olive:  The skis felt like they were telepathic they went exactly where I wanted them to with almost no effort involved, I would just look and they would go.  Absolutely incredible.  Using your skis yesterday felt so easy and my knees did not hurt at all and today they are fine, normally they would swell and be sore for a week. If you wish a qualified endorsement for skis for people with bad knees I would be pleased to offer one.
Cynthia: I am so excited about your skis, because they enabled me to do something that I just haven't been able to accomplish. I was amazed at the ease at which I was able to cut through the spring crud.  I would highly recommend FloSkis to anyone, but especially if fear has been a limiting factor.

Chris: I am more than happy with the 150 Floskis after using them for two months in NZ and now for a week in BC powder. I was offered the use of a pair of 173 Volkl Explosives for a side by side comparison. I thought the Volkls might be superior in the powder as they have been used a lot for heliskiing. But after a few A to B comparisons I found them to perform similar whilst the shorter Floskis were much better on moguls.
Daniel: Skied on typical East Coast hard pack and ice for 4 days . The skis are terrific !! My sons said they had never seen me ski that well and my legs didn't hurt nearly as much as usual.






Liquid FloShock absorption and stabilization:The smoothest most stable performance.

Full Flex Riser. Most efficient powerful carve and grip of any skis.

Solid Bamboo Core: Highest  stored  and return energy skis and boards available. Lifetime guarantee.

Custom personal adjustments for cant and ramp angle as well as for hard snow or deep powder.


Our skis by design, will greatly improve any skier's performance in any conditions, on any terrain because they are much more efficient They reduce stresses to the legs and knees, and vastly diminish the risk of ACL injury. The design and technology gives skiers much greater control and endurance than conventional gear. And it shortens the learning curve, allowing skiers to progress to higher technical skiing more quickly than other equipment.

See just how theses skis can be controlled!

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